Live CD

May 11, 2007

What is a Live CD? A cd or dvd rom with an operation system that can be executed from a cd or dvd rom drive, no need to install in hard disk. The system can return to previous OS when your computer is rebooted without Live cd. The biggest part of Live CDs contains a system based on the Linux kernel, but there are also Live CDs functioning with other operating systems, such as Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, etc.. Why do we need Live cd. Coz live cd's are valuable troubleshooting and recovery tools. If your window(os) is damaged, and you can't access your personal files. And you also forgot to backup your personal files! Don't worry! Boot to the live cd and copy your files to external or removable flash drive. Here is a list of live cd and download links.
အကယ္၍ သင္ ကြန္ၿပဴတာos ေဒါင္းသြားတယ္၊ format ၿပန္လုပ္မွရေတာ႔မဲ႕ အေၿခအေနမွာ စက္ထဲမွာ က်န္ခဲ႕တဲ႕ သင္လိုအပ္တဲ႕ စာရြက္ စာတန္း ဖိုင္ ေတြကို ၿပန္ယူဖို႕ Live CD ကိုကူညီပါလိမ္႕မယ္။ partitions ခြဲၿပီးသိမ္းထား တာေတာ႕ အေကာင္း ဆံုးၿဖစ္ ပါလိမ္႔ မယ္။